DT and Tinderbox

ok, thx. to be clear, i wouldn’t be buying tinderbox for tagging - but from what i understand, it doesn’t exactly do alias or replicants. is that a correct assessment? i ask because it seems that some of devonthink’s tagging systems are great for my workflow, but might not translate well into tinderbox - provided that’s the case. i’m also concerned that the consistent updating and important might prove to be problematic over time. yet you’re also saying it’s a powerful and important research tool. other colleagues i respect have said the same thing, so that’s why i’m intrigued and eager to try it. question is, how best to do so with devothink. thx so much for all of your helpful replies.

I’ve been trying to explain this, above, but obviously failed so far. :confused:

Tinderbox is a “note”-oriented application. It is not for storing files or documents, which is what DEVONthink does, or for attaching properties to documents, which is what tagging in DEVONthink and the filesystem are about. Tinderbox does not have an out-of-the-box concept of tagging – at all. You can create an “attribute” (i.e., a property) for your notes and call it “tag”, or “fooph” or anythng else – but that has nothing at all to do with what DEVONthink or the filesystem consider a “tag”.

Tinderbox supports “aliases” but, again, what Tinderbox calls an “alias” has nothing to do with DEVONthink’s replicants or the filesystem’s aliases.

Once again, if you are interested in Tinderbox it’s really important to get a demo and work with it. Chatting about it in a forum is not a substitute for hands-on evaluation. Tinderbox and DEVONthink are about as apples and oranges as you can get – and you explore that for yourself to grasp the difference between these programs.

i see. at least i think i do. thx for all of that. ok, so. i’ll tinker with tinderbox and see how it goes. i’ll also do a search for your name and the other one you referenced for devonthink -tinderbox scripts. are there any in particular you’d suggest - esp. after getting a (albeit admittedly jumbled) understanding of what I’m seeking to do between the two apps? thx again. for everything.

quick question…

what’s the best way to export a section of highlighted text from an RTF file (stored in DEVONthink), and export it to Tinderbox so that it also links to the DTP document & section of the highlighted text?

(i’m using Tinderbox 6.)

i’ve dragged the highlighted passed from an RTF (in DTP) to Tinderbox – it copies the text, but doesn’t link the to DTP document & section of the highlighted text. i’ve also tried converting highlighted text to links, and dragging them to TB but it’s still a bit glitchy. is there a better approach?

i’ve been looking on the forum for scripts, but there might be an easier solution.


Hmm, you asked this question in another thread, and the answer is the same.

yes, i know. sorry about that. thought i scoured all the forums on Tinderbox-DTP scripts on this topic, and then i stumbled on that one. bad form to re-post from another thread. apologies.

anyway, is there another, suggested solution to what i’m seeking to do that you (or other users) could recommend?