DT as a feed aggregator

Since DA and DT are built on Safari, is there any plans to make DT aggregate feeds, updating itself and placing them in newest order (basically replicating Safari’s great RSS abilities)? Thanks.


NetNewsWire :slight_smile:

There was this “kitchen sink” application called Near-Time Flow. It was a mess. It tried to be all things, and was really good at none.

DT is an OUTSTANDING database and file search archive. I think RSS feeds would absolutely pollute the poop out of them – would you have to set an expiration policy on them?

sorry to make you spit (or whatever ack! means) but DT has already involved itself in Feed reading, and rightly so I think. Plus I know they use Safari in some manner, and Safari can do it. What you call pollution I call exciting, viable, and great opportunities.

To set matters straight: no, we’re not using Safari at all. We only use a part of Safari that is available to all Mac OS X developers out there: the WebKit. It can’t do all that Safari can do (many times to our chagrin). And RSS aggregation is a Safari only thing. We would have to write our own completely.
I can’t make a comment on whether this will (or will not) happen. :slight_smile:

Now there’s an answer. Thanks very much. I do hope an aggregator comes along for DT.