DT as Outliner with Unsorted Groups

Hi everyone,

i have seen some old forum entries that discuss using DTPO as an outliner buy using unsorted groups as a form of collapsible lists (I’m not talking about the basic outliner function that can be used within a document).

Is anyone seriously doing this and would recommend it? I’m asking for any practical experience or some pros and cons, as I am contemplating buying Omnioutliner 4, but generally prefer using DTPO for as many applications as makes sense.

many thanks,


I’ve tried this in the past for a while and gave up. Frankly, it’s painful. There are no commands in DEVONthink to do things that most dedicated outliners do such as “add before”, “add after”, “add child”, and so on. So you’re always dragging groups around with the mouse or trackpad. If you want to add notes then you’d add RTF, Text or some other file kind inside a group – but then you have to click around to read the notes. You cannot see the contents of more than one note at a time. If you inadvertenly sort the database (never say never) then the whole structure is blown apart. And, of course, DEVONthink has nothing like the customizable columns feature of OO4 – if that matters.

Think about it this way: would you use a set of folders in Finder as an outline?

If you want some expertise on outliner options you might consider visiting the Outliner Software forum. There are, literally, dozens of outliner options that are far cheaper than OO4 and far better than DEVONthink for this purpose.

many thanks korm. this is very helpful.