DT as private cloud?

If this has been suggested before - apologies, please treat this as a “+1” vote…

I’ve been using DTPO for several years. In a very limited way as far as features go, but still it has become my offloaded brain, my RSS feed reader, my long-term email archive, my book/article collection, my accountants interface, and more - using a number of separate databases. It’s been on my main iMac, with the main database open most of the time, increasing in value (for me) day in / day out.

The main database is 10 Gb, plus some 35 Gb in the rest of 'em.

Not all of it needs to be available all the time and everywhere I go, but that main database is yearning to move into the cloud - always in reach, that is. I’ve recently started syncing some key groups with an iPad, which is a wonderful step forward and goes a long way.

But now that my main desktop iMac is no longer the center of my universe, it becomes less convenient to keep DT tied to it, since that machine isn’t always on. For the iPad that’s ok, since it’s read-mostly and not a total working environment anyway, but for my MBA laptop, this setup is becoming less convenient.

With those preliminaries out of the way…

It seems to me that DT would make the ideal “private cloud” service: an app (not necessarily full-fledged and with GUI), running on some always-on server, which acts as repository and provides DT services to “client DT apps” running on various machines.

Not everything has a place with big internet storage providers (S3, iCloud, etc). For my personal use, I get a lot more stability and continuity (I’m talking in terms of decades here), than all those shiny bits from all those flashy-but-ever-changing 3rd parties on the net. YMMV.

Ideally, one should have the option to decide for yourself where your data lives, and make all the trade-offs w.r.t. backups, updates, security. But again, the key for me would be the private option: storage on my machines, access through my network choices, and replication on my terms.

We’re not there yet, as far as I can tell, and I’m not in a hurry. But it’d be great if DT would be able to eventually evolve from being a fantastic local-centric tool, to one whereby selected parts become ubiquitous within a private context. I chose “private cloud” as term, because I think it nicely captures the basic idea.

Does this seem like a plausible path? Have I missed something and is it already much further along than described here?

Check out the following, read the pros and cons.


I agree with this. Please note that the title is “DT as private cloud”, whereas the other discussion is about DT in a cloud.

I find myself often using DT as a file system, at least as far as DT allows. What I would find really cool would be for DT to make databases available via WebDAV. This would need a (private) DT server with DevonSphere (i.e. DT as a cloud) and not just storing DT databases in the cloud as with DropBox.

Syncing solves the problem of sharing data that already exists between DT instances, but I need an easier way to get stuff into DT from anywhere: I create data on my desktop, on my iPad and on my iPhone, depending on where I am and what I’m doing, and I want it all to end up available from all my devices.



I want to share my data on my terms and totally under my control. A “Private cloud” is an apt description and I’d love to see that fully implemented in DT.

As mentioned, that is DT on a commercial cloud not DT in a private cloud or as a cloud. 2 completely different ways of approaching the problems of access to info.

I DO NOT want to be tied to any commercial cloud service, whether it’s Evernote, iCloud, MobileMe, Dropbox etc. etc. etc. I want to be totally in control of my own data at all times but I want to share it as I see fit among the devices and people I choose and change that selection on a whim. And I really really need the sync between those devices to actually work as advertised!