DT as SFX Database


I am testing DT now as my audio files database/librarian. I have a lot of files stored on a local network drive. My scenario is - to index them all.
When I start indexing the process is VERY slow.
In addition I hear a portion of every sound being imported. Is there a way to switch it of? And can I start indexing (not importing) via drag’ndrop?


MacPro 8core, 10.6.3

I admit that one of the reasons I purchased Dt for, was to archive my sound libraries and give them a clear order. I’ve not tried it yet.

I would find the loading of a small piece of the sound (say, a couple seconds) useful for preview reasons. Is this that bothers you?



I just find indexing to be slow. And previewing sounds in realtime obviously doesn’t speeds it up… I think I I could live without this feature. Making this optional would be the best solution IMHO.


Thanks for the bug report, v2.0.3 will fix this.

Thank you, no sound anymore since version 2.03.

But… the indexing process is still slow and seems to slowdown RADICALLY (1 file per second now, as I see in a progress window), when importing a folder with a large amount of audio files (thousands). :confused:

Disabling QuickTime thumbnails (see Preferences > Media > Movies > Create Thumbnails) might improve the speed. But what kind of files do you index and how large are they?

Thank you for a tip.

I work in a studio and indexing my huge sound library (about 220GB).
Audio files are in mostly in wav and aif format.
I see indexing process slows down in time… It is faster when just started…