DT - asking to save before closing

Hi all,

Just wanted to check something if I’m not going crazy. Before - whenever I created and edited a document in a new window in DevonThink, I could make changes and then just close it. It would save the changes automatically.

However, since today when I edit the document and I click it away, I get the following notification: " Do you want to save changes to this document before closing? If you don’t save changes will be lost.

I can’t remember that I got this before when I clicked a document away. I can’t remember doing anything in my settings.

Could someone please enlighten me if I am going crazy, this was always the case and this is normal behavior, or that something in my settings has been changed?

Many thanks!

What kind of document. There isn’t only one kind in DEVONthink.

Sorry - should’ve specified. It’s a markdown document I create and edit. I open this in a new window, maximized. It seems now after further testing - that it take a bit of time to have it synced. Normally - I leave the computer and the markdown document open while doing other things and then the sync happens eventually.

However - now I edited the document and immediately closed it after the edit - prompting the message. This confused me.

Thanks for the quick response Jim. Appreciate it as always!

You’re welcome!
I don’t see this as any unusual behavior as closing a document window with a dirty document, i.e., one with unsaved changes, is supposed to prompt for a save. However, I still explicitly save my document after making changes.

Navigating away from a document saves it automatically.
Leaving the application should also.

Document windows are only automatically saved after activating another app or window (or while synchronizing but only if necessary). If that didn’t happen and you modified the document, then an alert is shown.