DT Backup within a database file

Why do you create your backups within the database file? thus doubling the size of the main database?
Why not create a separate file?

If I back up a DT database, I am backing up the database, with a backup inside of it…

Is there a reason for this approach?

It’s just an internal backup of the metadata & index, not of the files and therefore the overhead is usually relatively small.

Ah - So I’ve got a dedicated machine for DT with a large index and a hefty amount of RAM. It works perfectly, but as all the files are indexed from the Finder, I couldn’t work out why the back up was the same size as the main database.

In this scenario (with a large database size of indexed files), an external backup might make more sense?

We’ll consider this for future releases. How large is the index actually?

This is probably a pretty unique case - it’s just over 16GB without the backup, which doubles to 33GB with the backup.

[We bought a dedicated machine to handle the task. We have a lot of RAM so memory and speed isn’t an issue. In fact, DT is blazingly fast which is why we love it. The only thing we noticed with a big dataset is that DT doesn’t seem to take full advantage of the multiple cores when indexing - but otherwise, we have no problem with performance.]

How many items/words (see File > Database Properties) does the database actually contain? Probably a huge amount.

1.5m items. 11m unique words. :wink: We’re doing a review of a large set of historical data and thought we’d push the limits and see whether DT could take it.

And how many words in total? Actually up to 300.000 items and 300 million words in total are recommended per database (although there’s no real limitation as long as there’s enough disk space, RAM and patience)

an external backup might make more sense?

This would lead to the database not being portable. Portability is an important feature of a DEVONthink database. Just something to consider.