DT behaving strangely when deleting/syncing files

I just deleted a top parent folder inside my DT database, which I had indexed (not imported) for some time.

Now I decided that I do not want it to be indexed any longer and deleted it (selected “Only in database” when I emptied the trash).

Now there are still some files left that are obviously indexed (see screenshot below). What is happening? Firstly, why are they still indexed?? Secondly, why are they not in their original folders anymore?

A week ago, I synced my iPhone (DT to go) with my Macs DT databases, and a similar phenomena appeared: some files were moved out of their original folders and appeared in a new location.

I paid more than 200€ for this software and I am getting sick of this bad, user-unfriendly behavior. I even read the manual before, and still these errors occur. I verified all my databases multiple times and even the sync locations THOROUGHLY, so please don’t come up with suggestions like that.

Whilst I see your frustration, I would ask kindly that you don’t swear. I have adapted your post accordingly.

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Files can be indexed invidividually.

  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app.
  2. Paste: defaults read com.devon-technologies.think3 EnableAutomaticConsolidation and press Return

What is reported?

I apologise, I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry! But yes, I am quite frustrated at this point, because I hate that feeling of uncontrolled data loss/clutter, which - I’m certain - is not my fault. I like to keep things in order.

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Did exactly what you told me. Did something went wrong?

By the way, I never indexed anything else than this particular folder. I NEVER have indexed any other (single) files.

The default behavior should be to allow indexed files to move around in databases without consolidating, i.e. importing into the database. So you can move items out of an indexed group in DEVONthink and they will remain indexed.

Were these files generated via a smart rule or a script?


I did none of this. I just indexed a folder with multiple *.md files in it. Then, I wanted to “de-index” (remove) it from DEVONthink. I did as stated in the DT help manual: I deleted it “only from database”. Then I found these files (see screenshot above) ghosting around.

Anyway, I fixed it now, I guess. I changed the location of the original folder (which was once indexed) in the Finder. Then, after double clicking the ghost files in DT (in order to open them), they shortly opened and then immediately disappeared.

I also completely deactivated the sync feature now, as I have a sneaking suspicion that this was the root cause of all this clutter (was using iCloudKit and Bonjour). Will use DT only in offline mode from now on. Stealing too much of my time.

Where were the files indexed from - what location in the Finder?

From the Downloads folder. NOT iCloud synced if that’s what you suspect.