DT Beta 3 expected date?


Can you tell me when is the Beta 3 of DevonThink 3 excepted to be released?

I’m on beta 1 now, and I want to jump directly to beta 3, since on beta 2 the clipper isn’t working as expected.

It would be great if had a mail alert or something similar for the ones that at eager to test the betas :slight_smile:. The check for updates mechanism seem that it isn’t working on the betas, at least on the beta1.

We do not comment on development timeframes - public or beta - as it’s too dynamic an environment.

Regarding updates, see: https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/t/latest-downloads-updates/22247

I understand… regarding the link to that topic… “you don’t have access to that topic”.

Ahh… Sorry about that. I don’t know who’s in the internal beta pool and who’s not. The updates will be detected when the next public release is available.

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@lpuerto my copy of DT3 beta just auto-updated to Beta 3 and clipping to clutter free markdown appears to be working.

thanks a lot! downloading :slight_smile: