DT Beta and upgrade price

I see that there is a new Public beta 7 of DT Pro
Release note say:
All editions: 2.0 Public Beta 7

From this release on all editions of DEVONthink require Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This beta expires December 31, 2009.

Is that right that I must buy the upgrade beta for 30$ or can I use the beta without cost until December 31. 2009.

Why the offer for buy the beta ???


Public betas 1-6 were developed for OS X 10.5 only. Public beta 7 and onwards require OS X 10.5 as a minimum or OS X 10.6.

You can, of course, continue to use the beta without cost until its expiration date. The only edition of a DEVONthink beta that imposes restrictions unless registered is DEVONthink Pro Office 2.0, which sets daily limits on the numbers of emails archived and pages OCRd unless registered.

DEVONtechnologies has always been user-friendly in the cost of upgrades. The registration cost of a previous version is fully allowed as a discount for an upgrade (except, of course, for promo registrations). And users who purchased a version 1.x DEVONthink application as long ago as 1 July, 2008 are entitled to a free registration for the corresponding 2.x application. Compare those policies to software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, or even Apple, e.g. for iWorks versions.

If you feel that the value added for DT Pro 2.0 compared to DT Pro 1.x is worth an upgrade cost of $30 to you, purchase of upgrade registration during the public beta period will be cheerfully accepted. :slight_smile:

I’m generally optimistic about the future. But a number of economists are worried about looming hyperinflation. Recently, a friend sent me two old German postage stamps issued during a period of hyperinflation. One had a face value of 1 million marks, the other, ten million marks (previously, the face values had been a few pfennig) . A pessimist might conclude that the upgrade ‘trade-in’ value of a version 1.x application could become less than $0.01 were hyperinflation to hit. Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen!

@ Traurig (Bitte Seid nicht so traurig!): In general I personally don’t like paying for the privilege of using beta software. All too often it appears as though the developer needs some cash so he releases a beta of a new application (release 0.9.8b or some such), expecting to get some money so he can continue to develop it.

However, this is most certainly not the case with the DT shop. They’ve been around for ages and have a good solid product that is going through a phased beta, one where each increment introduces new things to the public, rather than releasing an initial beta with all planned features available, with ungodly numbers of bugs and we users storming their castle with torches and pitchforks a la the Boris Karloff “Frankenstein” film.

Buying the DTPO version 2 beta also means that you get the FCS when it’s released as a free app. Not buying the beta simply means you enjoy the use of the beta until it expires, though, as has been pointed out here many times, you don’t lose your data. So for those who really want to give DTPO an extended try-out before buying, using the pretty rock-solid betas is an excellent way of doing that.

What’s FCS?

Acronyms can have multiple meanings. :slight_smile:

What Tod said is that if one buys registration for the public beta, the final release will be “free”.

@nsgirl71: Sorry, old guy here with old and possibly archaic acronyms. back in the day FCS meant First Customer Ship, the version of software that resulted from successful completion of the beta or field trials.

As good as DEVONthink Pro Office is, we’ve now been in beta for nearly a year. I paid for an upgrade to ver 2 over eleven months ago - are we ever going to see the final product shipping?

Heh. Other than the diagonal yellow “under construction” stripes, I’d never think twice about this being still in beta. Would that other vendors pay as close attention to their pre-release versions. Like you, I paid for the upgrade ages ago and don’t regret it.

Like as not we’re sort of at the real-world version 2.7. Soon there’ll be a 2.8 … 2.10, at which time we’ll likely see a 3.0 ß with a new set of feature goals. You’ll be able to distinguish between 2.x and 3.xß by the addition of orange traffic cones on the yellow stripes. :smiling_imp:

PS to Juddbert: I really like your avatar line drawing! Quite nice indeed.

I just installed the beta and like the features, but I have to say those stripes are really a nightmare. It almost make a Mac look like Windows or Linux with those ugly lines.

Come on, a year later, drop the stripes.

mv /Applications/Devonthink/DEVONthink\ Pro.app/Contents/Frameworks/DEVONappkit.framework/Versions/B/Resources/Under\ Construction\ (Bar).png /Applications/Devonthink/DEVONthink\ Pro.app/Contents/Frameworks/DEVONappkit.framework/Versions/B/Resources/Under\ Construction\ (Bar)__.png


Thanks Andreas.

Much appreciated! The yellow under construction stripes are gone.

PS. My DEVONthink was in a subfolder so I just had to dig through a couple of packages instead (for anyone else who has this issue).