DT + Chome Plugin


I try to use the latest Chrome plugin to organize my bookmarks.

  • a website is open in chrome

  • click DT button in chrome

  • add a note

  • add tags

  • Choose format Bookmark

  • click clip

  • in DT the bookmark is there however the tags are “all in one” (e.g. Tag1, Tag2, Tag3 become Tag1Tag2Tag3)

  • comment become spotlight comment but not DT comment?!

Am I doing something wrong?


same here, but also with Safari plugin. Since last update of DT. Any help?

It is a know bug and is scheduled to be fixed in the next release.

Hi Greg,

thank you, any hint about when the next update will be released?

sorry, when will you fix the bug? I can’t find any roadmap …

I don’t know when a fix will be released. I reported the bug to tech support via the DEVON ticket system and received the reply I posted above.

When you are in the Chrome pop-up simply use commas to separate each tag. It will look strange in the popup but DevonThink will sort it out and make each tag separate in the database.

Using the comma is not working, I have tried this already