DT crashed + didn't save any of today's work!

I shall be brief as I am to distraught to waffle.

DevonThink crashed unexpectedly (again). I was connecting to my dial up, on logging on I set Spamfire to collect mail - and switched to DT. It crashed. Nothing else did. I when re-opened DT. Every entry for today was gone. My feature article for my client - due in tomorrow, and hours in the writing - just gone. Plus every other entry from today.

I have organised my working life around it. It is just so good for me. I now have a serious problem. I cannot trust it to look after the work I do to earn my living. Something like this happened at the end of last week. The results weren’t so calamitous as tonight.

I backed up the database files as they were when I re-opened DT and made my horrendous discovery. I backed up the back-up files. I then opened these in DT as the new ‘masters’ - and still today’s work is not there. So what can I do now?

Things that are odd about this, I am hoping any of this might help:

After last week’s crash - I regularly press keys to save every article I work on. So why aren’t they there?
The DT folder in Application Support has 10 database files. I always thought it worked only with 4?
I tried V & R - no errors show, as I tried to recover the lost work
I also tried R & O - this showed I had 666 files - is that significant :wink:

I had to leave Boswell behind because of a loss of data problem. That lead to me discovering DT.

The last few weeks prior to the crashes DT has helped me be so organised and productive. Now I feel such great despair.

I see that you may ask me to mail my db files - which ones ? - the backup or the ‘originals’ that existed after I re-started from the crash? Do I have to zip them before I FTP them - do I need a user ID or password  - when I FTP?

I can’t believe that DT fooled me into thinking it saved as I pressed the keys to save. A break down in trust between human and app.

Is there any hope that this problem - for me and DT on my Mac - can be understood and removed.




sorry for the "inconvenience". Did you activate the "automatic flush" option in the preferences? This will write the modifications back to disk regularly. In addition, you could use "Backup & Optimize" after major changes too - this writes all modifications back to disk immediately.

And finally, a personal note - almost all crash reports we’ve received lately were related to bugs in OS X/Cocoa. Hopefully Mac OS X 10.3.3 will improve this but version 1.8.1 should be more stable anyway (and version 1.8.1a coming next week will fix the remaining issues).