DT crashes on right-click in empty text window

When I right-click in an empty text file, DT crashes.

It does not crash if I right-click in the file list (notepad view). Nor does it crash if I right-click in a window that contains text.

I can replicate the problem:

  1. create a new file
  2. type some text
  3. right-click - the contextual menu comes up
  4. delete all the text
  5. right-click - DT crashes

Both text and rich text windows have the problem. Crashes occur in open file windows, and in the notes view editing window.

I removed all of my contextual menu items (except the Apple defaults). The problem remained.

I opened my (Microsoft) mouse driver and turned off the mouse for DT. The problem remained.

I can’t find any mention of this kind of problem in the Forum. Has anyone else run into anything similar?

I can recreate that crash.  Looks similar to the one caused by control-click (or right-click) in an empty toolbar Find field, which I reported to DEVONtechnologies last week.

This bug has been fixed in version 1.8.1.