DT crashes when importing sites

Hi, I just started using DT, and I’ve been trying to import sites, but everytime I try to import one, DT crashes. :frowning:
Any known bug? Anything I should try?

Thanks a lot.

Try to disable plugins in the Web preference pane. My guess is that the WebKit is crashing.

Nop! Now it doesn’t even import at all. Instead of Qeued it says Skipped, and doesn’t do anything :frowning:

Any idea?

Thanks anyway.

Enabling the option to overwrite already downloaded files should solve this. In addition, you might reduce the number of concurrent threads/downloads as Leopard’s networking & downloading functionality is unfortunately not that reliable as the one of Tiger or even Panther (and that’s causing the crash).

I am having the exact same problem. I already did a rebuild and verify. I also am allowing it overwrite and am only downloading from 1 page at a time. What is the next step to fix this?

Unfortunately Apple has to fix this and hopefully 10.5.3 will do this.