DT crashing when I try to empty the trash.

I have one rtf file in the trash that is crashing DT every time I try to empty the trash. I tried to delete the file in the Finder and then empty the trash but that didn’t help. I tried to convert it to a plain text file which also caused a crash. The file is a snippet from a web page. It is supposed to have a URL but it doesn’t. When I try to add the URL it crashes.

How can I get rid of this file? Is there some kind of force delete command?

There’s probably something wrong with your database, please verify & repair it. If that won’t fix the problem, then you might have to rebuild the database.

Or just send the crash log (see ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) and the console messages (see /Applications/Utilities/Console.app) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com. Thanks.

I contacted support yesterday about a bigger problem I’m having. Ticket #782471. I haven’t received a reply yet. If I knew the forums are higher priority I would have wrote here first. It’s an emergency because I can’t open my newest database. So i can’t even run the maintenance scripts.
I opened an older version of the database but it has more then 1000 items missing. I would like to access those items from my newer database but I can’t even open it. The rtf file that I can’t delete is in this older database. I fear that this file has something to do with the problem and might cause the same problems later like with the newer (latest) database.

By the way, I already ran a “Verify & Repair” on the older database. It found 164 Orphaned Files. One of them is this file I can’t delete that is crashing the application. I did a Rebuild database yesterday on a copy of the older database, but I noticed that it deleted some files completely. Is that right? I’m worried, tired and don’t know what to do. I’ve been stressing over this since Wednesday night. My work stopped because it depends on this database. I add more the 100 bookmarks daily for my work. The longer this takes the more catching up I have to do. Please reply to my ticket as soon as possible.

I just emailed you the crash report and console messages.

I also added the console messages for the other issue to the ticket. I only attached the crash report to that ticket yesterday.