DT creating copies/duplicates in error


I’ve noticed that DT has got a little confused over the last month and has occasionally started creating copies of files. I’ve deleted a couple over the last few weeks and this morning I’ve opened the duplicates smart rule and noticed that there are quite a few “copy” files. I’ve not created these and of the ones I’ve just checked they were all created on the 24th Feb. I don’t pay attention to my updates so I don’t know if something updated that day. The files are not ones I’ve used recently so it doesn’t seem to be related to me handling something.

I’m running Monterey 12.2.1 (I’ve just noticed there’s an update so I will do that!), and DT 3.8.3. I sync over iCloud and that has been a bit inconsistent over the last couple of weeks so these copies may be related to iCloud shenanigans.

It’s not a problem since the duplicate files are picked up by the duplicate rule and are all called “FILE NAME copy” so are easy to spot, but I thought I’d flag it in case anyone has noticed it. I can’t see any mention of this issue in the forum.

What’s your setting for handling sync conflicts (Preferences > Sync > Conflicts)? I’m going to guess “Duplicate documents”? Whether or not the trouble Apple seem to be having with iCloud may then be related, I can’t say - but it would seem to be a possibility.

Good guess, that’s right, I’ve not changed those settings so it’s just whatever is default. I will leave it like that because I’d rather it duplicated, since DT has an explicit instruct to duplicate a conflict, I suspect that’s where the copies are coming from.

This glitch isn’t an issue because the smart rule is picking up the duplicates so it’s very easy to resolve, and iCloud has been unreliable for me the last month (it was fine before that but I’ve had a few server errors over the last month).

Please be mindful that duplicates are not necessarily bit for bit identical. It might be worth just taking a look at a few of these records to make sure there is no evidence of any damage.

Apparently it has been pretty unreliable for Apple too :see_no_evil: