DT creating several duplicate folders


DT3 is creating several folders when I create a new folder via the Finder inbox.

Also, I’ve noticed similar behavior when creating new folders inside my DB. (Inside indexed groups.)

The .gif I uploaded got really squashed, but you can still see the problem.

See this from today…

Hi, thanks for the reply. That appears to be a separate unrelated topic. I’ve created a better video to demonstrate:

As you can see, something as simple as expand / collapse of the folder inside Finder, then toggling focus between finder and DT3 is causing DT3 to create several (unlimited) new folders in its inbox.

I noticed another bug which I’ll file a separate issue for. They both began after upgrading to 3.5.

You are showing very abnormal behavior.
Are you running any scripts or smart rules?

The next release will fix this.