DT Dabases using several languages

I have a large number of topical DB
In most of them I am using from one to four languages in the following proportions
My mother tongue : French about 40%
English : 50%
German, Latin etc : 10%

It becomes an issue when searching terms, maybe I should limit myself to only one language
Any ideas ?

In what way does it “become an issue” ?

Maybe if they search for a term in French they get results in another language? Coiffeur for example is used in German for hairdresser (though it’s a bit posh), pommes frites has become very much a German term and means the same as in French. I’m sure there are homonymes in English and French, too. One contrived example of German vs English is “web” (imperative of to weave vs. a spider’s production).

Possibly. I know some people hope to search for terms in one language and get results in another language.