DT Database on GitHub?

I’m wondering if there is any way to share a DT Database on GitHub similar to the way you can share a Scrivener project and get all the notes as separate files on GitHub.

The scrivener stuff is documented here:

I have a separate DT database that contains the SQLite Queries I have developed over the past 3 years for my sheep flock management program LambTracker. Rather than move my stuff into Scrivener so I can keep it updated on GitHub I’d love to just continue to use the existing DT database and periodically push any changes to GitHub.

Has anyone attempted this? Any hints or suggestions?

Couldn’t you index the SQL queries and let GIT OS X client sync with GitHub? I do this with my personal script repo.

The queries aren’t contained anywhere but in DT. They are all plain text notes in the DT database. When I need to run one I just copy it and past into Firefox SQLmanager plug in as needed and edit to accomplish my current task.

I asked this about a year ago, tried to get the .gitignore stuff working and never managed it and got off on trying to deal with some new enhancements and major bugs and left it. But I’ve got to get my queries up for people to see how I’ve been doing them somehow and adding them by hand into the GitHub repository is a PITA

Yes. I meant take them out of DEVONthink, put into your local GIT folder, and index that back to DEVONthink. Then use the OS X client to sync that folder to GitHub.