DT databases not synchronizing via Dropbox on Mac Mini

I have installed yesterday on my main Mac (a Mac Mini late 2012 under El Capitan) the Cloudy plugins after updating and closing Devonthink Pro (v. 2.8.11 in French) and having read the instructions of the beta version of Cloud.

After going to DT Pro Preferences and Sync, I check Dropbox as synchronizing method, and saw my databases appear on the right. I checked several of them and waited for synchronization. But the status of those databases in the Sync Preference window just stay at “Not yet synchronized” (all of them). I left on Automatic, and then chose Every 5 minutes, but the result is the same.

Today, I installed the plugins on my portable MacBookAir, and it has synchronized the one existing database with no problem. The procedure was the same in both cases. However, I had a previous installed of the Sync bundle in the Mac Mini. I cleaned this now, but the issues stays the same.

Thanks in advance for your help.

One after another should be synchronized, depending on the size this might require some time (see Window > Activity). Did you try to use the “Synchronize” contextual/action menu item or the “Synchronize” button (below the list of databases)?

Thanks Christian,

I have found that the issue is related to some databases which are corrupted or cause problems. I closed 2 databases that showed me an error message. There is still one important work database that doesn’t synchronize. The journal indicates to repair it. I’ve rebuilt it through Tools, but I also had to check and repair it, before I could synchronize. A tedious process, but I am now fit it seems.

A question on the workflow: I know see the synchronize databases in the Preferences Sync menu of my MacBook Air. It seems the option to work on the same database from both computers is to import it to the other computers, work on it, synchronize it again, and download the database modified on the original computers, in place of the original file. Is that it?

Not quite.

Each computer gets its own copy of the database via Preferences > Sync. You will NOT be working on “the same database” as in the same file.

Changes on each machine are Synced to and from the chosen Sync location (Direct/Bonjour or syncStore (local or remote)). So you are only Syncing changes, not an entire database.

Great explanations, Jim. Thank you!

My pleasure. :smiley: