DT Export as one-page PDF?


DT has the ability to Import as a one-page PDF, does it have the ability to Export as a one-page PDF (if the original isn’t already in this format)? I don’t think that it does, as I’ve looked everywhere, but wanted to be sure.



You can capture web content as a single page PDF in DEVONthink and export it but just as an export option, no.

I’m sure you don’t get many requests for that feature, but I personally would love it. What would it take to implement?

That’s certainly not trivial and not easily answered. Also, we’d definitely need more interest in it before we would up-prioritize it as a feature.

I second that to implement the pdf (one page) feature across the board. I have currently tons of webarchives, which are basically just as bloated as a file can get, just to keep the original content structure intact. It’s somewhat important to me to see the context where I got the info from. I switched to pdf (one page) as soon as DT3 was out, but there are two things I like to see :wink:

  1. implement this feature everywhere. I would like to convert all my webarchives to pdf, but it is impossible as of now. It’s basically a matter of file size, since the pdf mostly is about half to a tenth in size of the webarchive.

  2. To really hit it of: please add the functionality, where embedded content is also shown in the pdf, like video or instagram-posts. Doesn’t need to be much, a basic link would suffice for me, a linked image would be perfect :wink:

Welcome @wachauphoto

  1. Tools > Capture > PDF
    Data > Convert > to PDF.
  2. That would not be easily done as we are not modifying the content on-the-fly.
  1. Yes, but that’s always paginated and breaks the page completely. I would like that one page pdf function as it is available on import there as well.

  2. I’m absolutely sure that this is not easily done, but it definitely would be worth it for me.

Yes, but that’s always paginated and breaks the page completely.

That is only true of the Data option, not the Capture option, as you can choose (One Page).

Yes, but then, I can only convert one page at a time. I’ve would’ve got thousands to convert, so this is not really an option.

Why do you have to convert thousands now?

Also, have you looked at Script menu > Download > as PDF Documents (One Page)?
And no I would not suggest running this on thousands of documents in one move.

I don’t have to, but it would be nice to be able to :wink:

No, I haven’t looked at the script menu yet, didn’t know, that I can find this functionality there as well. There are quite a lot of ways to get there. I just tried this with a handful of objects, seems to work with the script menu. Don’t know, how this scales up, but it seems like a possible solution.

Good to hear - and again, I would not try to do it on all of the files at once. Small batches are best.

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