DT & Flash card integration


I’ve just read latest DT 2.0 spotlight (“new file formats”) and I think it would be great if DT had an integration with some flash card software; as an example I can tell you about Anki, which is my favorite, and Supermemo, which has some features I would like to see in DT. Both Anki and Supermemo use an algorithm to calculate when repetitions have to be done, based on a forgetting curve. More information here:


Supermemo (windows only and known to be somewhat unstable and unreliable in the long term) has another interesting feature: it is called incremental reading. This gives you the an easy way to read a text and extract the information you want to remember, create questions and clozures (i.e. “Kennedy was the […] president of the USA.”)
More info on incremental reading:


I would like to have in DT a way to extract information and easily create clozures and write this data directly on an Anki file (which is opensource, btw). I don’t know if this requires some work from DT’s developers or if could be done with an applescript, but at least I would be grateful if you could consider integrating this feature.

Thank you