DT for Personal Heath Record

Has anyone been using DT for creating a personal health record?
Not as a patient/office management tool, but personal use.

I was interested in creating a Database for my own health records, and vet records for my pets. I was actually thinking of doing it in Bento, but I thought it might be more flexible in DT.

Any ideas?


I use it to store my pet’s records. Every time they get a new shot I scan the document and add it to the DB. I have a master document for each of my pets with notes on the shots they have, when & where they last received them, when they need to be done again. This document links to the record for each actual shot. When I need to get their records (like if I’m boarding them somewhere) then I just print out the master record and the associated most-up-to-date records, and now I’ve got a helpful sheet listing all the relevant info, plus proof of every item on there. Works nicely :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering if these two can play together nicely?

I need the Customer/Addressbook, ToDo and expense information. But DT seems to be more robust than Bento. I have not used Bento but, also would like to have a contact and keep notes about that contact and all associated files, projects etc. together.

DT seems to have taken care of the hard stuff and Bento has the quick easy stuff.

Bento and DT can work well together. Bento’s database is a single table, somewhat like an Excel or Numbers sheet, that can also have various views or “forms” for data entry and review. There is a field type for URLs, and Bento recognizes the DT item link (Edit > Copy Item Link). So, you could have a Bento database that contains the contact information you mention, and include links back to DT for the original documents. (In fact, there is a free template for Bento users that will get you started with that contact management project.) Bento records can be exported as a .csv or .tab file, which DT will display as a “sheet” (table).

A downside to Bento is that its ability to produce custom reports is limited, but if you use the free trial you could see if the pros and cons balance for you.

Moving data from DT to Bento is less straightforward, though with a little light scripting work you could do some useful .csv extracts that Bento would import.