DT Group includes .fla file

I am trying to archive some flash tutorials and when I create a “Group” folder and move my folder inside it does not include the .fla files. These are the flash construction files. Can I set a preference that will allow me to include these?

That .fla file is one that DEVONthink can’t read.

But you can import it into your database. Open the Preferences of your DEVONthink application. Choose the Import tab. Under Files: check the option “Unknown file types”.

Now use Files > Import > Files & Folders and import that .fla file. It will be imported and you can place it with the tutorials in that group.

You will now be able to import all “unknown” file types. They will be stored into the Files folder inside your database, as are other file types such as PDFs, Postscript files, images and QuickTime media.


Thanks, I knew there was likely a way, this will be very useful!