DT is so slow - dttg also

I love Devonthink, but I keep having problems. Now the following, which bother me massively:

  1. The search in DT3: each search takes many seconds and the “spinning wheel” appears again and again. Nothing works for about 10-20 seconds.

  2. loading files in DTTG: when I have found a file, it takes almost a minute to display it for a 3 MB file.

  • databases not bigger than 10gb
  • dT3 already reinstalled
  • computer completely rebooted

Problem 1 still exists

Is there a solution for this?

What hardware do you use?

Also see menu File > Database Properties. How many words / unique words do you have in this database?

Thanks for your reply and explanation.
My largest database is 13.7 in size with the number of words etc. listed.
Device is MacBook Pro 2019, 1.4 GHZ, 8GB and everything is up to date

Until you get a better answer, I think you need more memory to move those databases. I have 17 databases with indexed content, total of about 20 million unique words, 16GB memory. In my M1 Mac search is almost immediate, but in my iMac Intel with 24GB of RAM, searches takes more time than yours. Check how much memory is using DT in Activity Monitor.

Related to DTTG, well, day to day I wonder how well DTTG works in those mobile devices, even in my iPhone. What I’m trying to say is DTTG is one of the most versatile tools that exists in iOS/iPadOS and takes most of its features. We are used to immediately answer, but sometimes that is physically not possible.

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Most likely the poor performance is caused by virtual memory, another possibility are the toolbar search options (e.g. is the Fuzzy option enabled?)

Indeed. There is a very large performance difference between an 8 gb machine and a 16 gb machine, based on my experience (unscientific, of course).

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