DT keeps downloading items from iCloud; too frequently?

I have two databases in use, both synching to iCloud Cloudkit.

I had to clean the databases and do some other maintenance after switching to a new computer. Things seem to be in synch, and I don’t notice anything missing. Synchronize is set to “Automatic.”

The problem is that DT keeps “Downloading items from iCloud…”, every few minutes. Over and over. I ran “verify database quickly” and it returned a log that 237 items of that database “missing or not yet available.” But no clue what those are. This only occurs with one database, the other works fine. It does not repeatedly download over and over and over.

Is there a way to fix this?

File > Verify & Repair Database should report the missing files in the log, a toolbar search for item:pending should return the not yet available items.

That command returns “Successfully verified” in the log. Nothing else.

Searching the database for item:pending returns one item.

The "Verify database quickly in Sync preferences is what returns “237 items of database “Main” missing or not yet available.”

When I did an option-control click to do a “verify database thoroughly” I got “273 failed downloads, 0 invalid checksums.” I haven’t figured out how to remedy that. Or why the downloads fail.

missing or not yet available generally means a sync isn’t finished. Given how poorly iCloud has been recently thst feels unsurprising.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to open a support ticket.