DT leaves persistent ToolTips on Leopard that will NOT leave

I’ve seen an issue with tooltips in Leopard with DT (happened with 1.3.4; is still happening with 1.5) where if I mouse over an icon in an RTF document, I get a tooltip to the URL from which I captured the RTF file.

Problem is, the tooltip will stay on the screen sometimes and not go away. If I bring other applications to the front (in front of DT Pro), the Tooltip stays there… it’s pretty annoying. The way to get it to go away is to bring DT Pro to the front and get a Tooltip on a menu item.

Anyone else seen this? To reproduce, I captured the RTF here:

apple20.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/20 … he-iphone/

And then moused over the iPhone graphic in the RTF to get the tooltip, as in screenshot here:


This is a Leopard problem, it happens to me in Mail and other programs as well.