DT link in Zotero

I know this was discussed before, but I can’t find the answer I want. I keep all downloaded material in DT. I use Zotero but don’t keep any documents in it; just the citation. What I’d like to have is a link in Zotero to the file in DT.

I copied the link for a DT document, pasted it into a Zotero field, and the first time I tried it, it worked perfectly. The second time it didn’t go anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

You’d have to check with Zotero. This is something happening in their app, not ours.

Hi Bluefrog: Can’t put a DT link into a Field in Zotero, but I found what should have been an obvious solution. In case anybody else here who uses Zotero wants to know:

Zotero has a paper clip icon for attachments, which become subdocs below the title, One option in that drop down pane is for a URL – paste in the DT link. Problem solved; one click opens the document in DT

Ahh… but you’re forgetting one part of the equation: you need some text selected before pressing the link button. The selected text becomes the link’s text.


I right click on filename in DT, select Copy Item Link, select Attach Link to URI and paste it into Zotero: It appears as an attachment below the Title.

If I use Zotero: Attach Stored Copy of File, it opens Finder and I can select a file and it becomes an attachment below the Title (it is imported)

If I use Zotero Attach Link to File, it opens Finder and if I select a file, a link to it appears in Zotero (file not imported)

Not sure what you’re pointing out to me My links look just like the one in your message.
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 8.49.40 PM