DT links in OmniOutliner files

I thought I’d found the answer to the lack of functionality in Sheets when I realised that DT2’s ability to display and open docs from other applications means that I can use OmniOutliner for a project list. Namely, I wanted a list that shows me a list of my open projects, with each project containing a clickable link that takes me to the project file in DT2; and for the whole list to be sortable according to deadlines or start dates. DT2’s Sheets can’t do that, but an OO document embedded into DT2 can. Only something isn’t quite there.

When my project list doc is open in OO, I can click on the links to open the DT2 folder. When I’m viewing the same doc in DT2’s QuickLook-enabled viewer, I can see the links, which are highlighted and show a DT URL on mouseover – but I can’t click on the links to open them.

Is this going to be possible? It’s a small but vexing shortfall that means I’ll have to open the doc in OO just to activate the URLs, when most of the time it would be so much easier just to click on the link in DT. The link is there, the information is there, but the activation is missing.

This is an issue for all file-types that are being viewed internally to DT with a QuickLook viewer. All you need to do is “Open With” and you can do what you need to do. I like to have the “Open Externally” button on the tool bar because it changes according to each application and lets me open any of them easily.

And Shift-Command-O will open a selected document under it’s parent application, which shows as the Default under the Data > Open With menu option.

I understand the “Open With” function - I also used it extensively in DT1. I’m just observing that the Quicklook-generated image of the OO doc shows apparent links that contain URL data, and which make the cursor change to the “link” pointer - but these links don’t function as links.

I’m wondering whether there’s an extra step that can be taken by the developers that will enable these “nearly there” Quicklook-generated links to work. If this is possible, it will save me using that “Open With” step in many instances.

Not that the five seconds involved is a huge issue. It’s just a matter of elegance.

I see what you mean about the links turning the pointer into a hand, but sadly it seems that Leopard’s quicklook functionality simply doesn’t have the “live-link” function.

I tried saving a webarchive directly from Safari to the Desktop, and when I quicklook it, I get the same “hand” pointer but none of the links are actually clickable live ones.

It’s a bummer. It seems as though it should work, but the code that would make it work isn’t in place.

“Live link” functionality in Quick Look is possible in Leopard, but I cannot say if it is a feature that some applications do not take advantage of (DTP, Finder, Apple Mail, etc.) or if some applications are writing hooks to leverage Quick Look. Path Finder supports live links in Quick Look, as does Together. I just created an OmniOutliner Pro file with a URL link and an audio recording added directly in OOP. Path Finder will launch the URL from Quick Look, but will not do anything with the audio file link. Together will not only launch the URL, it will open the audio file link in QuickTime Player. Whatever they are doing, I’d like to see DTP add the same functionality.

I'd like to see DTP add the same functionality.

I second that.