DT local usage and web access

Hello all,

I use Devon Think Pro Office, with in sum five databases. At the moment I store the databases in an iCloud Drive to have access from different locations. I know this is not a recommended think and it gave also some troubles.
So I tried to use the Web Access, and this would be exact the thing I need, but:
At home I have two Macs (one MiniMac with OS X Server OS, and one MacPro as my desktop machine). The Mini Mac would be the right machine to host the Webserver as the MacPro is not always on. But I want to use my MacPro (where I’m normally working on) with the desktop client software of DT.
Is there a way to have the Webserver on another machine than the desktop client software?

Thank you,

You could synchronize the databases (see Preferences > Sync) of your Macs and enable the web server on the Mac mini.