DT Never Autogroups PDF's; Anybody else?

In all versions of DT, including 2.0, DT has never once included a PDF in my autogroups. I posted about over two years ago:


and got the impression this was not normal. I am just now getting back to converting my files to PDF and forgot about this issue. Now, once again, the Autogroup function simply does not work on PDF no matter what the scenario (imported, converted, etc.)

Since this is now a problem across multiple versions, I have trouble believing the problem is on my end so it would be helpful to hear from other users as to whether or not they can get PDF files to autogroup

Hmm…what is/are autogroup(s)?

Did a search of the documentation and website - nothing really came up.

I’d be keen to learn what it is.

Search under “auto group” and you will see help for this.

Ah, my mistake: was searching as “autogroup”

Can anybody answer this or even test it for me? This is ar eal headache.

Interesting. I’ve done several small tests involving mixed RTF and PDF documents. In every case, the PDFs were not included in any of the resulting groups.

As you have probably tested more extensively, suggest you send a bug report.