DT no longer indexing PDFs and image files

Good evening,

I am new to using DEVONthink (personal) and I am using it to catalog my backups that are on DVDs. My problem is this: for some reason when I go to index a DVD, it no longer indexes PDF and image files. In the preferences, I have it set to use PDFKit and to import Images and PDF & PS documents. I have also made disk images of the DVDs that won’t index properly and tried to index those, but it ignores the images and PDF files in those as well. The weird thing about it is that in this 11 DVD batch, the first 5 were fine. I’ve also checked to make sure the files on the DVDs that won’t fully index will open in the correct application, and they do.

I have no system modifications (as I like to keep the system lean and mean), and I am using Mac OS X Version 10.4.8 on an iMac 2.1GHz G5 with 1 GB of RAM. I have not had to update any software recently.

Any insight as to what may be wrong or what I may be missing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

There’s a limit (noted in the documentation) of 10,000 total PDF and image files in DEVONthink Personal. My guess is that you’ve hit that limit.

Check File > Database Properties to check the number of image files. PDFs may not be counted as image files (if they contain readable text), but the database does track them as counting under that limit.

Thanks, Bill. You’re right, I did hit that limit (and I missed that in the documentation). I guess I need to read more closely instead of skimming. I assume the pro version does not have the limitation?

Correct. No limit on the Pro version. Very large databases may slow if RAM is limited.And of course make certain that you have 10 to 15% free space on your drive to allow room for VM swap files and other temporary files needed by the operating system and applications.

Thanks a million, Bill!