DT Office taking minutes to start


My Mac’s startup time is very long ( 5 minutes before I can start using it) and DT office is one of the processes opened at startup that’s taking à very long time. The databases being open or not at start don’t seem to be a significant factor.
Is there a way to check wether this is normal or to pick up what’s not working as it should?

I’m with latest release, Os x 10.8.1, iMac core i7 ( 2010)


Normally this would be a factor in DEVONthink’s startup duration. Without databases opening, DEVONthink opens quickly, IMO. So, it might be that DEVONthink isn’t implicated in your slow startup duration overall.

Easy to check - remove all items in your account’s Login Items list, including DEVONthink if it is there. Close all programs including menu bar items. Reboot and see what your baseline startup duration is - be sure the “Reopen windows when logging back in” option is not checked. Then, add Login items one at a time to see the effect on startup duration and find the culprit(s).

When starting Devonthink Pro not in the startup list (i.e… after the complete startup is finished), it takes a few seconds to load even with 3 databases opened…
There seems to be another process that interferes with DT Pro when I put it in the startup launch list…(as all the phases of DT Pro start are just taking much longer)
I’ve reduced the number of apps at startup but haven(t yet found the culprit (if it’s only one and not the combination of 2 or 3).
Missing the old Conflict Catcher there…

Thanks anyway…