DT Personal database not appearing in DT Pro upgrade.

I upgraded from DEVONthink Personal 2.8.10 to DEVONthink Pro 2.8.10. When I open Pro, two databases are listed in the far left column under “Open Databases”, an inactive database from years ago I created w. DT Pro v. 1 and my current DT Personal database.

But when I select my DT Personal database in “Open Databases,” all my previous Groups and Text files are gone w. only Image and PDF files remaining. :open_mouth: The Image and PDF files are now in a subfolder called “Files” of parent folder “Grouped 1.” These files also appear in Smart Folders of “All Images,” All PDFs" and “Duplicates” at the top.

When I re-open DT Personal, everything looks normal and all files are present. How can I import my DEVONthink Personal database into Pro and retain all files, as well as its organization format and appearance? Thanks. :unamused:

I’m on your Ticket right now.