DT / Powerpoint / embeded videos

Hello everyone, I’m still quite new to DT, already quite impressed, but some problems occurred, perhaps someone can help.

I use Powerpoint for my lessons and talks, they all all neatly sorted and stored in DT databases. In my PP documents, I have lots of embedded videos - cardiac MRI is my specialty and that’s all videos.

When I open the PP document from DT, everything works great, videos play, but few days ago MS teams wouldn’t share my screen an I had to export my PP file to share it with the audience - videos still played but not smoothly, and some didn’t play at all - it was overall less then optimal performance, and I’ll definitely get into this situation again - having to transfers PP files on an USB stick e.g. - that also will need an export.

So I need a toll to embed my videos in PP files and export this file and the according videos without loss of quality or formatting.

Any idea how I could manage this problem?

Thank you very much.

Welcome @hedakvakan

Have you tried opening the PowerPoint file in Apple’s Keynote and doing the export from there?

What mechanism does DEVONthink meddle with the PowerPoint files when exported? I thought no meddling.

If anything would be thought to meddle with the files it would be Teams In order to throttle bandwidth in the meeting. There is also the question of how shared.

There is no meddling with the files in DEVONthink.

I was just offering a possible alternative, in case it was the export from PowerPoint that caused the poor performance.

That is what I thought. I just wanted to reinforce to readers and the OP that DEVONthink does not ever meddle with files. (some think it does and that is fake news).

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I unfortunately wasn’t able to share my screen - that would have worked fine - but I read later that that’s a common Mac/MS Teams problem.
Thank you for your response.

Good suggestion, I’ll try to do that.