DT Pro 1.1 and OmniOutliner 3

I was thinking improvements in DT Pro 1.1 would allow me to seamlessly embed OmniOutliner documents and have them be searchable from within DT Pro, as well as launchable by double clicking on them.

I’m getting the latter, but not the former. BTW, the Log reveals these .oo3 documents are an “unknown format”

Old OmniOutliner 2 docs import as raw XML which isn’t too useful.

Was this supposed to work better, or is there some delay to the indexing, i.e. if I wait a bit text from my OO docs will become available to DT Pro’s AI?

Still hoping to reach Total Information Awareness 8)

We’ve had several threads about OO3.

The sad fact is that there are a number of proprietary file formats out there, and capturing text from all of them takes resources and adds to the size of the application. The developers have some ideas, and more file types will become readable over time. No promises on particular ones, and no schedule promised.

As you noted, OO3 files can be imported into DT Pro, even though text is not captured. However, you can add information to that “blank” document page by using the Comment field in the Info panel, such as descriptive keywords or a summary of the OO3 document. As the Comment field can be searched, this can become useful.

Another approach is to create a new rich text document in DT Pro. From the Finder, Command-Option-drag the OO3 file into the text pane of the document window. This will create a clickable link to the OO3 file. Back in OO3, select the text and copy/paste it into the DT Pro document’s text pane.

I appreciate the complexity of the task… or rather, if I were a programmer I would!

Wondering if the fact that OO3 exposes its docs to Spotlight can help.

Just being persistent because IMHO OmniOutliner is the best at organizing small blobs of information, and DT Pro is the best at organizing a vast library of information, so to bring the two together as I mentioned above would be incredible.

I can’t promise this at the moment but nonetheless it’s likely that v2 will support at least indexing/searching of OO3 documents.

I would think (again, I don’t actually know what I’m talking about) that indexing Spotlight comments might be easier than indexing the whole document, and the newest version, 3.6 I believe it is, has a detailed Spotlight comments pane built into its tool palettes. This makes it much easier to enter metadata. If DT 1.x or 2.0 could at least see that… :stuck_out_tongue: