DT Pro 2.7.2 - move Inbox.dtBase2 to 2nd internl hd - HOWTO?

Searching the manual and the forum did not reveal a clear answer. (a lot of posts refer to DT personal)

Due to space limitation I’d like to move my Inbox.dtBase2 to my 2nd internal harddrive.
I’ve closed all databases, closed DTP, then using Finder moved the db to where I want it. Then I have right-clicked the moved db and opened it with DTP.

It seems DTP recreates a new (empty) db at the original default location.

Does DTP need a symbolic link to the new location?


I went ahead and closed everything down again, and created the symbolic link. Firing up DTP revealed that this time the 2nd inbox database was gone, and DTP was correctly using the one and only ‘linked’ database.

So I went ahead and started syncing my inbox with the inbox on my macmini which is quite large (22 GB).
After a while the sync got interrupted because of lack of space on my ‘other’ or first harddrive…

So it seems DTP is moving all the db content to the wrong location…
How can I remedy this?

Thanks for helping out!


It is unsupported behavior to use a symbolic link for your Global Inbox. The better option is to create separate databases, house those on the second drive, and use your Global Inbox for transient storage.