DT Pro 3 - ScanSnap scans being saved to global Inbox not specified group within a DB

Hello not sure when this started but it has really started to annoy me so would welcome some help.

DT Pro 3.0.4, macOS 10.15.3
ScanSnap s1300i - ScanSnap Home 1.6.0 (3).

In DT I have my Import preference set to “Select Group”. When I scan a document I get the DT picker to select the DB and group but when the scan and OCR have finished the scan is in the global inbox and not the group I had selected.

What I am doing wrong here it used to work (but have upgraded scanner and DT from ver 2 along the way).


Known issue, fix in process: see ScanSnap iX500 Scanner with Software 1.6.0