DT Pro and "Next/previous Instance"

In a subgroup jumping from one replicant to the next isn’t working - only in the Top Group. Bug or feature?

Will check with Christian.

If it’s a “feature”, it doesn’t look very useful. :slight_smile:

I have been discussing that with Christian earlier, the behaviour of the menu command is inconsistent and depends on which view one chose etc., but I have the feeling that there are also some bugs. In my opinion, one should be able to move to replicants and duplicates from any kind of window, any kind of view and any kind of group.


The ability to search for multiple instances of replicates would be useful in addition to any navigation-related changed.

In Vertical Split view I’ve noticed Next/Previous Instance doesn’t always display the selected item in the left pane; it takes a Reveal to bring it into view. There are other scenarios where that sort of “stealth-selected” item can occur, too.

Yes, we have :wink: The question is - if a window is displaying not the top level of the database but the next/previous instance can be only shown by switching the window to the top level, should this be done or would this be confusing? Or should DT Pro switch only between instances visible inside the current window alternatively?


What many users seem to want is something like a panel that displays all the locations of a replicant (or duplicate) at once. Something like the equivalent of a search operation for occurrences/locations of that replicant. Ideally, the panel would allow one to jump to or delete a selected instance(s).

That would be the answer to the questions: Where the heck have I scattered this thing all over my database? How can I find and delete some that may now be inappropriate? :slight_smile:

I think switching to the next/previous instance in the current window would have a more intuitive Finder and browser-like navigation feel to it (although the “Always open groups in a new window” preference might be a consideration). For example, clicking a Finder alias to a folder (another “instance” of it) opens the destination in the current window, by default.

Would adding “Next/Previous Instance in New Window” alternates (invoked using an Option key modifier) be useful?

This topic reminds me of an issue with switching views while navigating between groups in a single window. When such a window is closed it saves the last view, which it uses next time its opened, and can cause this behavior:

I normally have a large window open in Vertical Split view at the top level where most of my DT activity originates. Let’s say I navigate to and open a subgroup in a new window, switching to the top level in it, switching to another view, close that window, then close the large main window. Immediately after that, a New Window command will open the large main window, but using the last saved view from the other previously used window. And further New Window commands while the large main window is open will have the size (and view) of the previously used window.

[Bill’s post arrives before mine’s finished]

Finishing up with the original topic. The scenario I just explained is one reason I don’t think switching windows to the top level for displaying next/previous instances is a good idea. And more generally, which view, size, etc. are saved and reused when a window is closed/reopened can be confusing.


My recent pseudo-proposal was extending the History window for that sort of thing (e.g. with more searching/sorting options) since it already provides a global view of the database where certain maintenance tasks would be easier than through hierarchical mazes.

Indeed! And definitely add “how can I group/ungroup/regroup items?”.

That’s another way of asking for the kind of functionality I’ve been requesting for quite a while:

I want^H^H^H^Hneed to easily determine items that have any of DT’s possible “attributes” associated with them – labels, scripts, instances, wiki links, et.al – in order to access, associate, organize, and maintain them more effectively.