DT Pro and paths


Have a question that may seem silly. As I have stated in an earlier post I use PDFpen to make notes, underline etc in a pdf. PDFpen can also add links to a pdf in the form of a url. If I have a file that is indexed but not imported to DTP then i can link to that file from a pdf in DTP and when I click on the link DTP opens that file.

However I usually want my files imported to DTP. I have not been able to add a url to a file that has been imported to DTP. If I add a url link to a file in the database “dtpdata”, i.e file:///Users/me/dtpdata/files/thefiletoopen.pdf
then nothing happen when i click on the link.

Is this a limitation in DTP…that since the file is in the “package” dtpdata it cannot be linked to? Or am I missing something with regards to correctly setting the url path?


Linking is possible but the above URL isn’t correct. This one might work:



Thanks for the answer…and yes it works. However are filenames handled? I’m thinking if the file name is

Some File.pdf

do I have to escape the whitespace or perhaps write ‘Some File.pdf’

Just replace spaces with %20.

Thank you!

Excellent. Now i can actually use links for pdf documents with the help of pdfPen.

Much appreciated :laughing:

For all you internationl users. PDFPen apparently cannot handle umlauts in filenames when creating links.