DT Pro and QI

Bear with me on this but I think there is something here. I just came across a book shop:


which organises its books in a way which is rather similar to the DT “see also” button, encouraging us in serendipitous links to information, in the shops’s case in the form of putting books together by theme rather than boring old classifications such as history and science (IMHO since we have Amazon and Abe, this is the way forward for book shops).

The store is run by QI, the company behind a hit tv programme in the UK which is also based on the “see also” principle.

Since the presenter is an avid mac user, perhaps you should get in touch and somehow get some marketing exposure or at least a link on their web site, since to me DT provides just the kind of fascinating links )at least now my database is filling up). DT Pro would anyway be a great tool for their research team.

Alternatively this is a mad and I just have too much time on my hands.


Anyway, just a thought.