DT Pro as universal multimedia database

Beeing challenged by the well designed DEVONthink Pro Scripting Interface I’ve developed two prototypical additions to Devontechnologies application based on direct AppleEvent calls to the DT Pro engine.

One is a Ruby on Rails bridge to DT PRo. This means it’s possible now to build completely different interfaces and web 2.0 applications on top of DT Pro. Concerning the overall functionality and flexibility of DT Pro as a universal multimedia database for the web, and also concerning the speed, the results are quite convincing.

Project two is a little bit far off. But on the other hand much , much more interesting. It’ s about my attempt to turn Ruby into a embedded scripting language inside DT Pro. Consider this project to turn DT Pro into a up to date Userland Frontier mockup.

Both projects are very promising, but I don’t dare to publish the results because I don’t know wether it’s allowed to use DT Pro this way. Both programs would make it possible for more than one user to use one DT Pro license. THerefor my question. I’m convinced that my ideas to use DT PRo this way could lead to completely new and innovative usage patterns and application. But without any doubt this has to happen in accordance with Devon-technologies as a company.

Both projects are meant as proof of concept. Actually the extended program ist just used by myself on one computer in accordance to the license. Despite this i would like to further din into this concept and open my developments to the public.

How could this be done.

Thomas Fürstner

If the DT people were open to this, I’d surely be interested in testing/experimenting.

Best of luck.


We are thinking about a web interface to DT Pro as well. The main problem begins when more than one person accesses/modifies the database as DT Pro is not yet multi-user capable. It lacks e.g. features like record locking which are extremely important.