DT Pro crashes while deleting files/folders

Moving to the PRO version I want to split my old DT database but face a repeating crash phenomenon when I try to delete the unneeded folders. Even if I delete the (multiple) files one by one, every third or fourth try ends with a forced quit.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

After deleting file after file I ended up with three “bewitched” files I can’t get rid of. Every try results in an immediately crash. The files seem to be looked (of course they are not looked!); no chance, for example, to change the files from rtf to txt.
What makes me moreover wonder most: The immediately crash is not followed, as usual, by the nice feedback from the system (“application xy has crashed, would you like to restart, see the crash-log, or …”). Nothing. (BTW: I don’t find any DT file in the log folder / CrashReporter, is there another place to look for it?)
Only for the records: I have used the “check and repair” option as well as the “optimize” option several times. No change.

Thanks for any suggestions / hints again!


Adding the “Open Externally” item to the DT Pro 1.0.1 toolbar triggers a bug (which will be corrected in DT Pro 1.0.2).

If you have added that item, select View > Customize Toolbar and remove it. That may clear up your problems.

If you had not added “Open Externally” to the toolbar, try a database Rebuild. There’s a possibility that you 3 ‘bewitched’ files are corrupted in some way, and the Rebuild operation will probably throw them out. (You could then re-import those files and see if everything is working properly.)

Let us know if the problems either go away or persist.

Hi Bill,

thanks for your reply.
No, I didn’t set “Open externally”, my description was only the attempt to describe the loose circumstances of the failure. No direct connection with the “export”, I suppose.
I thought about that rebuild option, too; but hesitated because of the (perhaps needless) fear of loosing all the data :frowning:
Albeit, there must be something wrong with (my) version / system config.
(I didn’t faced any problem with DT 1.xx at least for more than one year.)

Now I will try your advice …

All the best


If you are concerned about losing data, just make a copy of your database, load it and do a rebuild. You will still have the original. (But I don’t anticipate you will have problems with the Rebuild.)