DT Pro crashing after every archive import form Safari

My DT database has – for the past several days – been crashing/quitting (i’m not sure which) after every single archive import from Safari. I am using the “Add web archive into Devonthink” script, and have a keyboard shortcut set using Quicksilver. I had modified the script so that it goes straight into my *Inbox folder. I am using 1.1.1 and am using 10.4.6 Tiger.

Any suggestions as to why this is occurring all of a sudden would be appreciated.

The “download web archive” command isn’t reliable in v1.1.1 due to some WebKit issues, v1.1.2 will bypass those issues.

Christian is referring to a bug in Apple’s WebKit routines that has been known for some time.

Sometimes Apple fixes such bugs in the next OS update or upgrade. That hasn’t happened yet, so Christian will bypass the bug in the next update of DT Pro.

So far, every user crash report for DEVONagent 2.x, for example, has been caused by a WebKit bug. It’s usually infrequent and most likely to appear when working with Web Archives. As I rarely send Web Archives to DT Pro I’ve been using DEVONagent 2.x since March 30 on my MacBook Pro and still don’t have a crash report log file for DEVONagent. No crash log is good.

Christian writes good code, but a developer’s life can be complicated. :slight_smile: