DT Pro + DA for Historical Research

I am just beginning to use DevonAgent for historical research, and saving my results in DevonThink Pro. When I save web pages, it is important that they become a snapshot in time, so that I can reference them in the future. So my questions are:

  • Is it true that the Web Archive option attempts to update elements if I open the page in the future?
  • Am I better off saving the web page to a PDF?
  • Anyone know what is lost when converting to a PDF?

Thanks in advance. I’m trying not to go for months and discover that my data is compromised.

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This is an old post, but I think it’s still the definitive guidance on this:


As Bill suggests, and just generally all-around good practice with anything recommended on this forum - test for yourself. Make some webarchives from pages that change frequently (a newspaper for instance) and check back in a day or two to demonstrate to yourself what happens.