DT Pro database corrupted; need to update from DT again

For some reason, which doesn’t really matter, I have a DT Pro database that will no longer load. It, and its backup simply hang during the verification process at opening time. I am now running DT Pro v1.2.1, and I believe that this problem began after I upgraded to v1.2.

I have a version of this database from DT, and DT v1.9.5 will still open this database quite nicely.

Is there any way to get the DV version converted to DT Pro without having to remove and reinstall DT Pro again?


This query has already been answered via a Support message, and several times on the forum, but probably bears repeating.

Copy a DEVONthink Personal database to another location (Option-Drag the folder). Select (don’t open) the folder and press Command-I to open the Info panel.

In the Info panel, rename the database and add the suffix “.dtBase” (without quotes). Press Return and close the Info panel. The converted database is a package file with the DT Pro logo.

I don’t know what caused the problem (I haven’t had a database go bad for a couple of years or more). But I always advise making periodic external backups of a database whenever one has invested time and effort in modifying it, because it’s so easy.

At a break time, select DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. Tell the routine where you wish the smallest possible, compressed and dated archive saved, then walk away. Backup Archive will run the quality assurance routines on your database (Verify & Repair, followed by Backup & Optimize), then save the archive. It’s a good idea to save a copy to an external drive, another computer, or a CD or DVD. Remember that a hard drive might fail, or a laptop might be dropped, lost or stolen.