DT-Pro Demo - failed import DOC, PSD and PDF - why?

I am testing DT-Pro for the 1st time and imported one folder. The log tells me that it failed to import a large number of files that are DOC, PDF and PSD.

@ DT Support
This really makes me doubt that I should get involved with this application. Even this post is too much effort to get such a basic function to work.

However, I am prepared to invest this effort and my consider to buy a license if and when I see a meaningful reply in a for me acceptable period of time.


I routinely import those and many other filetypes into my databases.

Check Preferences > Import - Files to make certain types such as PDF have not been inadvertently unchecked, and make sure “Other” is checked.

The reason I started using DEVONthink 8 years ago was that it integrated so well my collection of references that were of different filetypes.

Can you capture any content at all? If not, I would suspect a problem such as insufficient disk space, or a Sharing & Permissions error that does not give you write access to the database, or perhaps a disk directory error. Also, make certain that the database itself hasn’t been locked via it’s Finder Info panel, so that no content can be added to it.

Thank you.

I have now found out that DT does give an error message but does import all files.

I assume that the error message refers to the fact that DT was not able to read the content.

Works for me. Starting to love DT.