DT Pro Does Not Seem to Find Duplicates


I have inadvertently imported–and mixed with files already in database–100 plus duplicate PDF files into DT pro. The files have the exact same content but the file names are slightly different. For some reason the files do not show in the duplicates folder neither are they highlighted in blue.

I have been doing a manual search according to the PDF titles to find the duplicate files, but this is taking hours. Is there a reason that DT pro is not finding and highlighting the duplicate files? Would like to find a way to do this.

Any suggestions appreciated.


I also have trouble with this at times, albeit in reverse. For example, today I found a PDF in the database that has five pages, and a second PDF that had only one of those pages, but DT marked them as duplicates. Neither PDF contained text - only images. I don’t believe a 20% similarity in images makes for “duplicates”.

If the names are “slightly different”, perhaps creating a smart group like the one shown below, and sorting by name, will help:

Thanks for the suggestion for creating a smart group. It did help me locate many of the duplicate files and I was able to delete them. Some of the names were changed enough that it didn’t catch all the duplicates though. But it gave me a good head start.

Been working on it thoughout the day and still can’t figure it out.

Apprecaite your suggestion and help.