DT Pro highlighted on 43 Folders site

Merlin Mann, creator of the very popular 43 Folders site, has a new essay on his re-discovery of DEVONthink (Pro). It’s apparently the first entry in a seris of articles by Merlin on DTP.

BTW, if you’re not familar with 43 Folders, a “site about personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better,” I can’t recommend it highly enough. I think there’s probably a lot of overlap in the “DTech” and “43 F” Venn diagrams. The site in my Safari tab labeled “check daily.”


thank you for the link - indeed a very interesting and useful essay.

Very interesting - thanks!

Fred was the first person to really evangelize me on DT (long time ago). He’s the reason I’m ultimately using it now.

Nice work, cgrunenberg, and thanks to the forum members’ wonderful contributions that have brought me up to speed on how to wring every bit of swellness out of DT.