DT Pro - How do I save/move a web page


I hope this makes sense. I can open a web page in DT okay, but can’t workout how to save it. I use URL Manger Pro. When I want to save a web page to it from Safari I just drag the URL to URL Manger. I want to do the same sort of thing within DT, but the URL can’t be dragged. I have for example a folder called Software. Is it possible that when I find a page I want to keep, to save/move it to this folder.

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You want to be able to capture the URL of a page viewed in DT/DT Pro and include it into your database of URLs in URL Manager Pro, perhaps into a specific folder. Right?

I don’t have URL Manager Pro, but I assume that it can accept new URLs from the clipboard, as well as by dragging/dropping.

[1] There are 2 ways to capture the URL of the page being viewed in the DT/DT Pro browser. [a] Select Edit > Copy URL; or [b] Control click on the page and select the contextual menu option Copy Page Address. Then enter the URL into URL Manager Pro.

[2] Here’s another way. Click on the URL in DT/DT Pro’s browser. That will open the same page in your default browser, which I assume is Safari. Then drag the URL to URL Manager Pro.

I maintain an extensive collection of bookmarks in my Bookmarks group in DT Pro, with subgroups by category of information, e.g., “News”, “Scientific Journals”, etc. To do that, capture the URL of a site into the clipboard as in [1] above, then enter it into DT/DT Pro by selecting Data > New > With Clipboard (Command=N).

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Thank You for your comprehensive reply. I have been doing in fact in the way you describe. I thought there may have been a better way, drag URL to required folder.


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Another way to move bookmarks URLMP --> DT is to publish your URLMP bookmarks as an HTML page. Use File: Export and save as HTML. Open that page in a browser and you have links that you may drag to DT, where they will copy with the labels you have given them.

I find that DT is a better bookmark manager because it displays live pages instantly. I do still use URLMP for two purposes: to keep bookmarks synchronized between browsers, like Safari and Camino; and to publish collections of links as HTML pages.

Thanks for your views. I use URLMP for all my bookmarks, I back these upto my iDisk which takes very space (handy after a clean install). I do use DT Pro for also bookmarking and really like the live feed.

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